15 best Honeymoon Destinations in Europe!

A honeymoon in Europe can be whatever you dream it to be;  from extreme adventure to complete relaxation, from culturally rich to hip and trendy, Europe has numerous things to offer for interests of every kind.

And if you getting married soon and looking for a perfect honeymoon trip in Europe or looking for dream trip for your wedding anniversary, here’s a handpicked selection of top destinations for honeymoons in Europe….

1. Interlaken, Switzerland:


For the couples who enjoy every bit of high on adrenaline adventures, Interlaken is the place to be. Located between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, Interlaken serves as a heaven for skiing enthusiasts and hikers. Set in central Switzerland, Interlaken is perfect for the daring couples who love to be surrounded by mountains, dense forests and glaciers. Also Lauterbrunnen located 13 km’s from Interlaken in the Jungfrau region is a beautifulindescribable valley. It’s surprisingly accessible by train, and there’s a wide range of things to do in Lauterbrunnen as well. From Paragliding to mountain hiking this car-free town has got it all. Click here to explore top things to do in Luterbrunnen!

Best Time To Visit: June to September

2. Santorini, Greece:


The white cubiform stays with soothing blue domes overlooking the Aegean Sea and the ever charming combination of the sun, sky and the sea pretty much paints the canvas of Santorini for love birds. Clinging to the cliffs of its two towns of Fira and Oia offers scintillating views of black, white and red lava pebble beaches.

Read more: Best photo spots in Santorini

Best Time To Visit: Late May to Early October

3. Prague, Czech Republic:


Prague is one of travellers’ from all over the world’s favourite destination. It is authentic, romantic, exceptional and cheap! Whether you love beer or are a fan of the whimsical, Prague will entice you with its unending glory. Where the old fashioned rubs shoulders with the hip and trendy, Prague has so much to offers in so little. Watch how time slows down at the beautiful Petrin Park and take a vintage car touracross town as Prague has a number of romantic things to do. You can also lock in your love forever at the bridge over Mala Strana.

Best Time to Go: Late May, June and September

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4. Bergen, Norway:


Bergen is gateway to some of the most beautiful, UNESCO heritage – fjords of the world. Nothing makes memories better than a road trip, especially when you have Norway’s gorgeous scenery all around you. This is the ultimate place to celebrate a milestone, with handpicked accommodations in romantic settings and small touches like having champagne to set the mood. Together you’ll experience waterfalls, steep mountainsides, glaciers, fjords and charming villages, along with a spa treatment and some fine dining.

Norway is famous for its Fjords, The Northern Lights and Vikings. This beautiful and picturesque country is a wonderful honeymoon option, particularly for couples who love the great outdoors. Oslo is the capital of Norway and much like all of Scandinavia, is an incredibly cosmopolitan city filled with many a cultural delight. However, when travelling in Norway, do as the Norwegians do and get out of the city and explore what their beautiful landscape has to offer.

Best time to Visit:

  • To experience Northern Lights: November to February
  • To best experience Nature: April to August

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5. Budapest, Hungary:


Budapest is known to be one of the most romantic places in Europe. The river that runs straight through the city, there are restaurants and luxury spas along both sides which are surprisingly well priced and beyond relaxing! The Széchenyi Spa is a famous destination for those looking for a relaxing day to recharge and enjoy both outdoor and indoor pools.  With views that will melt any cynic’s heart, Budapest is a honeymooner’s paradise. Architecturally brilliant and a gourmand’s heaven, there’s not much else you can ask for on your European vacation. The city is gorgeous at night, and an evening stroll beside the river marveling the lights and beautiful architecture is a must if you choose Budapest for your honeymoon.

Best Time to Go: March to May and September to October

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6. Venice, Italy:


As fascinating as it gets, Venice is a beautiful floating city of Italy with which you can’t help but fall in love. With its historical canals, gondolas, and winding streets, Venice is considered one of the most romantic and visited cities in the world. The city is almost always on everyone’s “must see” list – and judging by the crowds, people do a good job of crossing it off their list! Reflecting its rich history and heritage through the antique buildings, palaces and shopping hubs, Venice is indeed a charmer when it comes to places to visit in Europe for honeymoon.

Best Time To Visit: September to November

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7. Istria, Croatia:


Istria, befittingly is a heart shaped peninsula that has all the makings of a perfect European honeymoon destination. Travelling to Istria gives you the opportunity to experience rural charm and rustic elegance, indeed which makes it a great offbeat vacation.  With the pretty Adriatic sea for company and some mouthwatering food to offer, Istria is one of the great places to visit in Europe for a honeymoon.

For sea lovers, the Croatian coasts are within easy reach and the beautiful city of Rovinj is one of our favourite. It is a perfect destination for a honeymoon in Europe especially if you book your stay at the Lone Hotel, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world!

Best Time to Visit: July, August

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands:


No city in Europe quite compares to the romance oozing out from the Dutch capital. Amsterdam has recently been the subject of a certain teen phenomenon, making it even more popular. For the most romantic experience, be sure to rent a house boat and soak up the authenticity from the canals themselves. When the backdrop is so magical, there’s little doubt that your European honeymoon will be one of your best memories ever.

Best Time to Visit: July, August
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9. Barcelona , Spain:

Spain’s most popular tourist destination, Barcelona, has drawn crowds by the thousands for its’ unique charm. Fantastic architecture, interesting history, unforgettable sunsets and out-of-this-world food…. how could anything go wrong!?

Over a glass of fine wine and with nature’s bounty surrounding you, this city in Europe will make you fall in love with each other again.

Best Time to Visit: July, August

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10. Split, Croatia:


Split is a typical Mediterranean town, lined with cafes, bars, eateries, souvenir shops and surrounded by beautiful Islands. Hvar island is a paradise on earth, one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe for a honeymoon. Island hopping is fun and provides best swimming and snorkeling in the area. The interesting islands to visit for a day include Brac, Hvar, Solta and Drenik Veli.

Viator provides more than 300 day trips, island hopping trips, walking tours etc in Croatia and at very reasonable rates.

Best Time to Visit: July, August


11. Rome, Italy:


Enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. A trip to Rome is about relaxing into the city’s Mediterranean rhythms and idling around the picturesque streets. Whiling away hours at street side cafes and people-watching on pretty piazzas are an integral part of the Roman experience.

For lovers we recommend the sumptuous hotel Aldrovandi Villa Borghese as well as The Rome Cavalieri; they are among the most beautiful hotels in Europe.

Along with Rome you can always take day trips to Tivoli or  Florence  to explore more in Italy. With Viator you can get the lowest price for Day Trips.

Best Time to Visit: July, August

12. Paris, France:


If you are romantic and are looking for a unique stay in one of the most beautiful European cities for your honeymoon or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, you should definitely book your holiday in Paris. Paris is a love affair by itself. It leaves an imprint on your soul for eternity and a fuzzy feeling that lingers on long after you leave. Paris is by far one of the most romantic places in Europe for a honeymoon.  Its priceless artistic treasures, chic vibe and mystical revelations surprises even a repeat visitor. Walk hand in hand by the river or proclaim your love by the Eiffel, Paris will bring out the best in every romantic.

Best Time to Go: June to August

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13. Corfu, Greece:


Any island in Greece is simply beautiful. Many islands, such as Santorini, are quite famous honeymoon destinations, but they have become more expensive as such. Corfu is beautiful and luxurious, with fewer tourists than the more popular islands. You can enjoy incredible meals made from fresh local produce and look out to the sea. If you’re looking for water activities, or simply to relax and enjoy each other’s company then look no further than Corfu.

Best Time to Visit: July, August

14. Lisbon, Portugal:


Set on top of the famous seven hills, Lisbon attracts tourists in large number due to its centuries old and charming architectural wonders and a laid-back lifestyle apt for an amazing vacation. Enticing architecture, sumptuous food, wine and museums in abundance is what Lisbon will amaze you with. For the most romantic ones, treat yourself to excursions in Lisbon and the nearby surroundings and visit the fairytale town- Sintra in a Convertible VW Beetle Cabriolet. And if you want a quiet holiday, do not worry, book your hotel in Cascais or Estoril, two beautiful seaside resorts close to Lisbon.

Best Time To Visit: March to May and August to October

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15. Dubrovnik, Croatia:

At Dubrovnik, prepare to be inspired. The baroque charm will fill up even the most jaded soul with warmth and romance. The Old Town hides a wealth of stories for slow travellers and besotted couples and the azure waters of the sea tempt you to leave your worries behind and take a dip. Dubrovnik is one of the greatest places to visit in Europe for honeymoon. If both of you are ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, don’t forget to take the Game of Thrones Walking Tour.

Best Time to Go: September and October

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