Why are we so fond of Travelibro App!

A travel diary, A travel guide – TraveLibro has everything you need to capture and share photos and videos directly into the app in different timelines and journeys. The concept of the app is to turn every traveler into a storyteller.

It is safe to say, we tend to use a ton of apps while traveling. We have one for editing photos, one for tracking flights, one for looking must-do activities after we reach and many many more to help us out with everything in between but of course some stick out because they are just so useful and become increasingly important! Unsurprisingly, among these are apps like Facebook and Instagram…but one of our new favorites – TraveLibro – takes the best of these social media apps, and combines it with loads of other fun and useful travel related features!

What is Travelibro?

TraveLibro is like a virtual travel journal that lets you show off your trip to your family and friends (your social network). Sure, you can do that to a certain extent by putting photos up on Instagram, but we believe, Instagram is more like your portfolio where you will post the best photos of your journey, as that’s what the algorithm demands:( whereas TraveLibro is our travel diary and travel guide which is more raw and we get to share what’s going on behind the scenes! We love uploading our journeys and day-to-day itineraries with loads of tips, videos, and photos on our profile. You can call it like our real time travel diary. 

Frankly speaking my whole purpose to start this blog was to have all my travel journeys documented in one place. So that, 20 years later when I want to relive these moments I don’t have to hunt for my trip pictures in numerous hard drives/cloud, but just type the website and BOOM…. I have it all! But maintaining a website of your own is not an easy task and it demands lot of efforts and patience. So, for all those who don’t want to put so much efforts and also want to have something quick, this App will be your best travel friend!

How to plan your vacation with Travelibro?

Well, this app is not just your diary but this app also works as a travel guide for you to plan your vacation (You can read our post: 7 simple steps to plan a perfect vacation). I think travel planning is fun, and it is equally time-consuming. But with TraveLibro, you can just scroll through your favorite traveler accounts and check out their journeys, and see where they went! There are more than 50,000 users worldwide, and 80 countries + 1200 cities covered. You can browse for destinations, must-dos, hotels, restaurants and also personal experiences from each account you like. Trending stories is a great place to start!

How many times it happens that we discover a gem of a restaurant or a great bar and later just forget the name. Being able to keep track our favorite places is great when we need to give recommendations, and even better when months later we return somewhere and want to rediscover the places we visited the first time. It is hard to describe how convenient it is to have all these features in one place. 

How to get started?

To get started, all you have to do is create a profile in the App (Click here to download the app). This also lets you unfold all your past experiences as you log every country you have been to so far. Once that is done you are ready to start checking into places as you travel, leaving reviews, and posting pictures and videos. Another best feature is that you can create a journey together with friends, and then you can all post photos and videos from the on-going trip and have it as a memory! Isn’t this amazing! I was sold when I found out about this feature.

So thats it – when your journey is complete, you just tap ‘save’ and it will all be published to your profile to be seen by your friends and family (you can choose to keep your account Private as well). 

The conclusion

Now that we have given Travelibro a Thumbs Up, we find ourselves constantly going back to the app to get inspired from the itineraries and get excited about upcoming trips. It’s certainly handy being able to keep track of all the destinations we visited. While Instagram and Facebook posts are great, but they will never be able to provide the substance and detail that this app does. Even better, once you are back home you have a personally curated travel guide full of memories for you to look back on.

We will be happy to know your comments if you are already using this app or even if you have found it interesting to start using it.

Also, If you sign up on Travelibro, do come and follow us, we will be happy to see your journeys and experiences! 🙂

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