5 of our favorite travel Apps!

Today, we millennial’s are constantly criticized for being glued to our phones but guess what? I think that’s exactly where the most of money saving happens and also makes our life easier :p So, from streamlining the travel booking process to making sure you have documented everything on-the-go, I’ve lined up five of our favorite apps to share with you. And of course I’m not talking about WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram which you use on a daily basis, but I’m talking about some useful apps that will instantly make your life easier during travels 🙂

1. TraveLibro 

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TraveLibro may just be our favorite app find of 2018. As a frequent traveler we often struggled to remember our trips in much detail. But not anymore! Thanks to TraveLibro we are able to keep track of all my travel memories right as they’re happening.

The best part of the app is only to record your travels in detail as you’d like but also you can access other travelers past journeys. All of mine are here. You can read more details about this app in our blog post: Why are we so fond of Travelibro App!  If you need inspiration for your next trip, TraveLibro is definitely the way to go!

Checkout the short video that describes it all!

2. Skyscanner

Needless to say, Skyscanner is a one-stop solution if you’re looking to book the most affordable flights, hotels, and rental cars. Apart from searching specific dates, the app also shows the cheapest dates to fly on a month view calendar, alerts you when prices change, and even has a category for “top deals” from your nearest airport.

3. TripIt

TripIt handles all those itinerary attachments that you get via email and extract their data to present a single itinerary in one place.

The simplest way to use this app is to give TripIt access to your email. When a new travel or accommodation booking document lands in your inbox, TripIt recognizes it and automatically extracts the data.

Checkout the short video that describes it all!

4. Packpoint

The most important phase before any trip is “packing” for the trip. But with PackPoint you do not really need to worry. This App automatically generates a bespoke packing list for your trip. All you need to do is just enter the destination and date of travel and few details about the things you will be planning on doing. Then it makes a list things to pack based on your preferences and you can further tweak to your desire.

Checkout the short video that describes it all!

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5. Maps.me

As you all know how much we love road trips, however renting a GPS along with a rental car often incurs a daily charge. Such expenses add up quickly, especially if one is a frequent traveler. Also, there are times when you need to navigate with no internet connection. This might be because your sim card has expired or when you travel to a country where roaming isn’t available. And this is when Maps.me will be your savior!

All you need to do is download the map of your destination country when you have internet. Once the maps are on your phone, you can use the app to drive to any part of the country you want. It works just like any other GPS device where you can specify starting points and ending points, plan journeys, or search for nearby gas stations, supermarkets, and restaurants.

There is one obvious drawback – it doesn’t provide live traffic updates! But that’s absolutely better than getting lost for hours ! 😛

So that’s it, these are our favorite travel apps which we can’t travel without and also with some obvious ones like Facebook, Instagram etc!! 🙂

Do leave comments if you have some more suggestion to this we are happy to add something useful to this list 🙂


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