How To Edit Travel Photos On Your Mobile!

Photography has been my passion for several years, and ever since I discovered the magic in capturing and sharing art, with the world, I’ve been hooked.

Of course, over time, my style has evolved, especially if I look back at the photos from when I bought my first DSLR in college! I have found where interest lies what intrigues me to click and show the world!

But, when it comes to stunning photography, the biggest secret photographers don’t share is that it is often the editing and post-production of an image which accounts for make or break of an image.

Also, editing photos might seem like a daunting task especially if you are on the go and you don’t have a lot of time.

And so I have been loving the convenience of editing the photos on my phone while we are travelling.

You need to install some awesome Apps

So you will definitely need some good apps to start editing your photos. I have a few apps I tend to use over and over and they really work the best to create unique images.

Adobe Lightroom

If you haven’t guessed it yet, I am a huge fan of Lightroom. The mobile app works almost identically to the desktop app and is completely free.

The free version for your phone really has everything you need to edit your photos and then some more. It might seem daunting when you first start editing on it but I guess  thats why presets were made right?! I must say that @travelinhershoes presets really helped me gain confidence when editing on Lightroom and once I got the hang of it and started playing around I developed my own. Lightroom completely changed or improved my image quality and photography skills.

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There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story. But it's always talking 😅 It took me years to understand this, but once I did, my favorite thing to do was slow down and listen to the world around me and trust me it is the best feeling ever 💖 Those are my real memories 😍 what an amazing spot!!! I could watch that sunset over and over again!!! . . Tell me how do you cherish your travel memories best??? . . #switzerland🇨🇭 #switzerland_vacations #switserland #switzerlandwonderland #switzerland_bestpix #switzerland_destinations #switzerland_bestpics #switzerlandtourism #valais #valaiswallis #swiss #naturephotography #bruisedpassports #saltinourhair #travelinhershoes #ppexpediayellow

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My second in command is Vsco. Since I started using Lighroom I don’t use VSCO as much as Lightroom but sometimes you just want that vsco look on a photo so it is always good to have it on your phone.

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With its 116 #islands 🌴, winding #waterways, gandolas, cobbled courtyards, beautiful #architecture and tiny back streets, #Venice, #Italy is considered one of the most #romantic ❤️ and visited cities in the world 🌎. The #city is almost always on everyone’s “must see” list – and judging by the crowd, people do a good job of crossing it off their list! 😍😍 We found Venice #beautiful, fun, and a great place to get lost in. 😄Venice is so mesmerising that you can spend time #strolling🚶‍♀️through the city seeing old building, #churches, #artists, and, best of all, a bit of people watching!! 😀😉 ✨ Best time to go: To avoid heat and crowd.. #spring and #autumn are the best time to visit Venice 😍

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If you haven seen yet ( I am pretty sure you have ) adding that film grain effect to photos is very much the in thing now. If you want to add vintage grain, flecks, or noise to your photos, or colorful “light leaks”.

Best Apps for Instagram Stories


To create a scrapbook-style look for your Instagram Stories. I love how you can put videos and still photos on the same Story. It has some beautiful layouts and fonts to begin with. It is right now my favorite for Instagram stories.



With HypeText you can add music and animated text in various fonts on top of photos. It looks like an animated magazine page. This is great for bloggers and brands promoting new posts, featured products, events, and more.


Canva is great for making all sorts of cool graphics on the go. Media Kit, Pinterest graphic, instagram story or facebook cover? All sorted! It has really made my life super easy being able to create cool graphics on the go.


Do check out: 5 Simple Steps to Make Beautiful Insta Story Highlight Covers (+50 Free Images)

you can buy the @travelinhershoes presets which I often use to edit pictures here!

Do leave your comments below if you have more suggestions to edit photos on your phone!


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