Tips And Tricks To Take Couple Photos While Traveling!

Traveling as a couple definitely has its perks and it is great to share new experiences and moments with someone you love. And when you travel as a couple, you are of course going to want to get some good photos of the two of you together.

The problem is that getting great couples photos of the two of you together can be a challenge, as usually one of you has to operate the camera or smartphone. So most people end up with a lot of individual photos from a trip, but not so many great couple photos from their travels.

So today we decided to share some easy tips and tricks we follow to take great couple photos while traveling.

Our equipments: 

  1. Canon EOS 77D DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-135 mm F3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens – Black
  2. Canon EF 50 mm 1.8 STM Lens
  3. Iphone 7
  4. Tripod: Hama Tripod Star 63 Silver tripod
  5. Selfie Stick (Ocasionally)
  6. We use Adobe Lightroom for editing all our photos. You can get the @travelinhershoes Lightroom presets here!

So here are some of our favorite ways to get those amazing couples photos while traveling.

1. Tripod will be your best friend!

Nearly every photo you see in this article has been taken with a tripod. My husband and I are often the only people around when we travel, particularly if it’s at sunrise or sunset. We simply set our tripod up at the distance we want to capture, attach our camera and BOOM… snap!

Using a tripod also means you can take the exact photo you want and don’t have to rely on a stranger getting it wrong.



2. Use a wireless remote control or phone!

We often take photos from quite far away and quickly realized how exhausting it is running from the camera and back with a 10 second timer! A wireless remote control (make sure you buy one that works with your camera brand and model) or an inbuilt wifi control app on your phone (With canon DSLRs – you need to just download official Canon: Camera Connect App) is the perfect solution. These allow you to click when you are in position for a photo, rather than running back and forth.

Our Canon camera connects to an app on our phones that do the same thing as a remote control shutter release.



3. Use the self-timer function!

If your camera does not have inbuilt wifi option then most cameras/phones these days have a self-timer option. We often set ours for 10 seconds and then run into the frame (with our camera set up on our tripod).



4. Pay attention to composition!

Usually I make my husband stand in the frame while I set up the shot. There is often lots of “move to your left and step back commands that follow :P” … but it’s totally worth it to get an amazing composition! We usually get our ideas from Instagram posts, Pinterest and sometimes even travel magazines.

Make sure you are the focus of the image and that you stand out against the background. We often position ourselves to be standing out against a lake or the sky so that detail isn’t lost to a busy background. Try to be as realistic as possible and aim to capture something similar to the more candid moment that happened just before the “staged” photo was taken.

5. Find the “right light” for your photos!

Our preferred time of day to shoot is ‘golden hour’ – the hour just after sunrise or before sunset. Everybody and everything looks better in this soft golden light! Tourist attractions are usually much less busy at this time of day too – so it’s a  bonus!

6. Mix it up!

It’s nice to have a variety of photos, especially if you are making an album and you don’t want them all to look the same. Here are some ideas for photo compositions and posing:

  • Get a candid walking or hiking shot. Set the tripod up and literally walk past to get a realistic shot of what you are doing. You can stand still and pretend walk if you want a really sharp image.
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  • If you hike or drive a long way for a specific view, when you first arrive you stand there and take it all in together… right? So capture that moment!

  • Get a photo of you inside or near your accommodation. This works particularly well with camping photos as they are way more interesting with people in the shot.

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  • Try different angles of the same photo. Does it look better from lower down or closer up?
  • Stand next to each other a small distance apart and hold hands. You can look at the camera or at each other, or even be facing away from the camera.

7. Take a Short Video!

While this might be a longer and more complicated method to capturing a quick photo, it’s a great way to get a variety to choose from.

Much like the burst method where your phone can take up to 10 shots in one second, this is also a great alternative, because when you upload the video to your computer, pause the frame you like, then take a screenshot of the screen, crop and edit accordingly, and upload it as a photo! BOOM!

8. Be Yourselves

Some of my favorite pictures are from moments where we were joking around, laughing, or simply doing something we love. Forced pictures will look exactly that…forced. This picture was clicked when we were trying to setup our tripod for some framed shots!

8. Invest in GoPro or Drone!

Lets admit it, GoPro’s make travel selfies easy and awesome. They are wide enough to get everyone in as well as your gorgeous view. They are so compact you can take them everywhere. The quality is great and you can even use them in the water. I would suggest buying a stick for your GoPro so its easier to hold up and get that shot. The new Hero5  Black GoPro also has a neat function where you can tell the GoPro to take a photo. The voice remote function really help to achieve some cool shots!

With drones, it is a bit controversial but if you use it safely and within regulations and guidelines it can be really fun. This is where a drone comes in handy when you need just that little bit of extra height to capture a spectacular view. Remember when traveling with a drone though that each country has its own flying rules that you should adhere to. Some countries don’t even allow drones so do your research before investing in them if you are not sure.

9. Ask someone to take your picture!

Well I am not really fond of this approach, but it can give you great shots of you together if there is someone handy and you are in a rush. Look around for people with DSLRs, these people will more likely make sure to get a few good pictures of you. And if the person is unfamiliar with your camera just advice them with the settings and the right and tell them to press the button. It couldn’t be easier but worth a try! After all you need some good pictures of you together!


10. Don’t hesitate to take some selfies!

Nothing is more better than cute selfie shots of two of you together. It adds up more raw and fun moments to your trip memories!



So thats it, you follow these 10 simple steps and I assure you will get some beautiful (Instagram worthy) pictures for yourself. Let me know in comments section below if you have some more tips and tricks to take this further, we will be happy to try them on our next trip! 🙂

And last but not the least, You’re on your vacation! So do not forget to leave the camera for few hours a day to enjoy your holiday – that should be your priority! If you cannot take all the pictures you planned… I’m sure you have created the best memories for life 🙂



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