Ultimate guide to explore Gossip Girl Locations in NYC!

Gossip Girl is the only show that legitimately never gets old. I can watch it over and over, even though I know that (spoiler alert) Jenny will never stop wearing too much eyeliner.

Wheter you’re looking for Constance Billard school for girls or St. Jude School for boys, or the Humphrey Loft, or the Steps – where Blair and her minions had lunch, you have come to the right place. While exploring these spots, you’ll feel as if Gossip Girl is personally taking you along while she says “Hello, Upper East Siders!”

Many of you might think, why Gossip Girl spots and not other famous NYC spots? The answer is- since me and my friends had already seen the best and most famous NYC spots (Statue of Liberty, World Trade Memorial, Wall street etc) before, we decided to just enjoy walking all over NYC and “kind of” live that Upper East side life for a day or two. And we thought nothing could be better than doing DIY Gossip Girl location tour, after all we met after 5 years and frankly speaking it was our favourite pasttime when we lived together in college!

However, if you are here for only few days and want to maximize your time, then I highly recommend Gossip Girl Sites Tour for approx. $50 per person. This way, you will hear some cool stories from the local guide and see the main Gossip Girl sites in a short time.

Mandatory things to pack for Gossip Girl Tour

Gossip Girl characters are always flawless and seem well prepared when exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn. If you really want to soak up the vibe of the famous TV series, why not bring some Gossip Girl essentials along? You don’t have to pack a Gossip Girl wardrobe but maybe you just want to be better prepared. It’s fun to stroll through the streets of Manhattan looking all Upper East side – even if you could never afford to live such a lavish life. 

  • Statement Jwellery: For Blair iconic pieces are Headbands, for Lily is big statement necklaces, for Jenny her dark eyes and for Serena you could try hats or multilayered necklaces. (You can refer to some products for Serena and Blair in the end of the post).
  • Comfortable flats: Though most female characters on Gossip Girl wear heels – you really should opt for more comfortable walking shoes. It’s well worth it to dress up for NYC. Just maybe don’t walk around in heels all day long. You’ll feel like dying.

Gossip Girl Locations:

Grand Central Terminal

You could say the entire story and fateful set of events are kicked off with Serena’s return to NYC. It is also a stunning display of architecture in its grandeur design – and a must see for visitors to New York. 

Address: 89 E 42nd Street


The Campbell Apartment

While you’re at the Grand Central Station, be sure to head over to this oh so NYC bar inside, where the opening scene of Serena and Nate takes place. Drinks are pricey but the atmosphere is so worth it! Just don’t forget to dress up in style to make an entrance.

Address: 15 Vanderbilt Ave


Central Park Fountain

Remember the rushed wedding between Blair and Chuck? Well it is a near a beautiful fountain in Central Park.

Address: Bethesda Terrace and Cherry Hill Fountain, 72 Terrace Dr, Central Park

Central Park

Well, in general, you could have an entire Gossip Girl tour just in Central Park. So many scenes were filmed here! For instance, Serena and Blair took photos at Pulitzer Fountain and Gapstow Bridge was seen a couple of times when Rufus and Lily met. Seriously, there are many opportunities to visit your favourite Gossip Girl locations and scenes.


While strolling in the park we also ended up getting ourselves a Caricature from a local street artist as a token of memory of our trip! Can you spot me here??? Do leave your answers in comment section!!

Central Park Ice Skating Rink

Remember that cute scene where Blair is skating on the ice rink in Central Park? Well, you can do that as well, but only in winters.

Central Park has two ice skating rinks, so if you want the Gossip Girl location, opt for Wollman Rink.

Address: Enter the Park at 59th and 6th Avenue, or 59th and 5th Avenue


Henri Bendel

If you are a sucker for the Gossip Girl fashion wardrobe, then you should know that Henri Bendel provided quite a lot of dresses and accessories for the show, such as Serena and Blair’s prom dresses. Not only that, but it served as one of the many Gossip Girl locations in which the Upper East side fashionistas spent their time.

Address: 797 Madison Avenue

Tori Burch

Again part of the wardrobe and a Gossip Girl set location, Tori Burch makes an appearance. The designer herself did too.

Address: 257 Elizabeth Street

The Plaza Hotel New York

Remember Blairs disaster wedding with prince, It was in the Oak Room that she told Chuck she needed to end the relationship with him. Book it here

Address: 768 5th Ave


This is where Jenny first presented her fashion design on Eleanor Waldorf’s fashion show.

Address: 130 Bowery (at Grand St.)


New York Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel was featured on Gossip Girl many times. The courtyard of the luxurious New York Palace Hotel, fictitiously owned by Bass Industries, where Chuck Bass and his “adopted” family, the Van der Woodsen’s, would wake up every morning to a fully catered breakfast from the Palace’s unparalleled service professionals. The Palace is also the location of many a Gossip Girl intrigue. Gilt, the fine dining restaurant on the ground floor of The Palace, where the Bass brunch took place and the site of the first reunion of Serena and Blair after Serena’s mysterious disappearance, and where Chuck tried to win Serena’s affection with a special-ordered grilled cheese sandwich with truffle oil.

Address: 455 Madison Ave. (50th/51st Streets)



Affectionately known as the loft home of the Humphrey family – Dan, Jenny, and Rufus lived here until the third season, when Rufus moves in with Lily. The loft is located almost directly under the Manhattan Bridge.

Address: 15 Washington St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

The Archibald Townhouse

The Archibald’s reside in a stately and impressive manor located just of 5th avenue and is a popular stop for fans of the show. Get a photo of the exterior of this popular Gossip Girl New York location.

Address: 4 E 74th Street

Empire Hotel

When Chuck Bass bought The Empire, he didn’t just buy a hotel, but also a bar. The legit Empire Hotel embraces his legacy with the “I’m Chuck Bass Cocktail”. Mixed with Dewar’s Scotch, Red Apple, Ginger Bites and Apple Cider, the Chuck Bass cocktail is perfect for your next night out!

You could even book yours stay into this Gossip Girl location! Check availability here.

Address: 44 West 63rd Street


Head to the outer boroughs and hit up this Long Island City coffee shop to see where Vanessa used to work. Communitea is about as hipster/granola as you would expect, and all their coffee is brewed from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters.

Address: 11-18 46th Rd, Long Island City

Babycakes NYC/Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC

Formerly known as Babycakes, Erin McKenna’s is where Dan first saw Serena. Remember when drunk Serena almost got hit by a cab, and Dan lost his pumpkin pie while trying to save her! Thankfully, he got the girl in the end ^^

Address: 248 Broome Street (Orchard & Ludlow)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The marble steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art are an often seen Gossip Girl location. Bring some yogurt from a nearby bodega (it better be organic and expensive af), and make sure that everyone is sitting on lower steps than you — because you’re the Queen B. In real life, these steps are often frequented by the girls from the Marymount School, another elite Upper East Side school for girls.

Also, the museum is one of the most popular NYC attractions and lines can be insane. You can book your skip the line ticket online in advance. Check deals here.

Address: 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street

Columbia University

Education never played a big part in Gossip Girl. School and university sites were more of a backdrop. The same goes for Columbia University, which Nate officially attended but was actually rarely seen in in season 3.

Address: Broadway

Museum of the City of New York

This is where you will see the entrance of Constance Billard School where the proper Gossip Girl location for the Upper East Sider’s education was played. Haha.. yes it was a museum and not a real school building!

Address: 1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd St.



A freaking classic in “Gossip Girl”, Ladurée whips up some of the best macarons in the world. No joke. I would recommend eating these in your bathtub while trying to avoid devilish suitors of Blair. 

Address: 864 Madison Ave

The Box

Remember the wild parties at The Victrola? The real world Gossip Girl location is found at The Box. Chuck certainly seemed to enjoy the burlesque shows here.

Address: 189 Chrystie St (between Rivington & Stanton St)


Dylan’s Candy Bar

Not only is it the location for the scene where Dan and Vanessa shop for Nate’s anniversary present, but it is also the largest candy store in the world and home to over 5,000 types of candy.

Address: 1011 3rd Ave


Cafe Habana

If you wanna grab a sandwich Dan Humphrey-style, check out Café Habana.

Address: 17 Prince Street (Elizabeth St)

The Russian Tea Room

“This location is from one of my favorite scenes. Blair, Serena, Chuck, and Georgina hatch a plot to trap Poppy at The Russian Tea Room. Georgina gives Poppy her charity money to pull Poppy’s scam charity, but when the police arrive, they arrest Serena instead!”

It is quite hard to get in (and expensive, too), so make your reservations well in advance if you want to dine in style.

Address: 150 West 57th Street


King Cole Bar

If you believe Serena Van der Woodsen, you can get the best Red Snapper in New York City at the St. Regis’s King Cole Bar.

Address: 2 E 55th Street

What to Wear to Your Gossip Girl NYC Locations Trip?

For Blair, you absolutely need more conservative but stylish outfits with lace details or fitted clean cut dresses paired with heels or flats and definitely trademark headbands.

For Serena, opt for more flowy, long dresses with a revealing neckline, long flowy pants and tight tops and big statement necklaces. Don’t forget sexy heels and red nail polish.

Thank you everyone on Instagram who helped me with the location list. I totally appreciate your help! I hope this consolidated list will help you to plan your DIY Gossip Girl trip to NYC! 

You can always drop your questions/comments in the “Leave a Reply” section below. I will be happy to know your thoughts.



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