Top places to see in Dolomites, Italy!

Are you all ready to take a trip to one of the most beautiful places with rolling meadows, dramatic mountains as your backdrop, and scarcely erected huts?

Well, this post will take you to explore the most famous region in Italy bursting with natural beauty and diversity – The Dolomites.

The Dolomites were always high on our list but we always thought we could do this anytime since we live close by, but the moment we realized we will be leaving Europe soon we had to cross this off our bucket list. We wanted to make the most of this trip since it was going to be our last from our 3 year long stay in Europe!

So let me list out some of my favorite spots from the Dolomites!

Lago di Braies

By now you guys know we’re total lake lovers ( follow us on instagram to know more :P), so we couldn’t wait to see this one with our own eyes! The most instagrammable lake/place – Lago di Braies!⠀
When we arrived we were greeted by crisp evening sunset reflecting on the mountain and the most mesmerizing line of boats that shifted shapes with the wind.⠀
During peak hours this place gets extremely crowded so either visit this place early in the morning or late in the evening (Golden Hour). The trail around the lake is flat and you will get some incredible views from all the angles, it takes ~1.5 hrs to walk around the lake so plan accordingly.

Saceda Mountain/Val Gardena

Hiking Seceda in the Dolomites & witnessing the sword-like peak is definitely an epic thing to do in the Dolomites! From the sweeping pastures of Seceda mountain to these peaks born out of some prehistoric fire where all of a sudden the time froze and they became stone! Seceda can be accessed from the town of St. Ulrich (Ortisei). The most direct way to reach the top of Seceda is from the Ortisei-Furnes Gondola Station in Ortisei, which then connects you to the Furnes-Seceda cable car all the way up the mountain. The round trip cost for gondola 32€ per person and it is open from 9AM – 5PM.

During the ascent, enjoy the ever-expanding panorama. Eventually, the mountains of Alpe di Siusi will gradually unfold and that moment you will be just awed. The total time to reach the summit is approximately 15 mins. Just wander on the top and capture some of the most photogenic scenes. There is a mountain hut on the top to grab some chilled beer and lot of easy walking paths to explore and enjoy.

Tip: We recommend parking at the Garage Central close to Ortisei station if you intend to wander in Ortisei after your hike.

Seiser Alm/Alpi di Suisi

Alpe di Siusi or Sieser Alm, is the largest high altitude Alpine meadow in Europe and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is an area of agriculture where you’ll find lots of farms with cows, horses, and goats. The vast pasture is surrounded by the Dolomite mountains makes it incredibly picturesque and some of the best places to visit in the Dolomites.

There are plenty of trails, ski slopes, and ski lifts to cover most of the area. In summer and early autumn, you can opt for lot of hike trails, from short to long to easy walks to steeper climbs.

But you can also use the bus system (since you aren’t allowed to drive on the road between 9 am and 5 pm, so the only way to access the area is via bus or cable car. Read more about the traffic regulations of the area here) or you can rent a bike/e-bike to ride and explore around on most of the trails. And, also you will never leave this place hungry, there are quite a few huts that serve food throughout the day (the next stop in this list).

Malga Sanon

There are also many adorable mountain huts in Alpe di Suisi where you can grab a beer and have a full meal with a side of breathtaking views but the favorite hut was Malga Sanon, primarily because of the swing they have which brings out the kid in you surrounded by the breathtaking view and vibrant sky.

Lake Carezza

Lago di Carezza is a small but stunning alpine lake in the Dolomites. This place is known for its pristine nature, crystal clear reflections and ultimate panoramic backdrop of the mountains. The designated path around the perimeter is perfect to stroll and admire the beauty of this place from all the angles. The full walking loop is flat and it will not take more that 20 minutes, so it’s certainly one of the easiest and most accessible hikes in the Dolomites.

Val di Funes

Val di Funes is another most serene valley in the Dolomites. At val di Funes you would not need a list of activities or popular restaurants, all you need is to be still and present in the moment and watch the disappear behind the mountains. Here you can take some trails, visit St. Johann Church or simply just be still and drive around and take in the beauty.⠀

Tip: For some of the the best views we followed the road no. SP163 above the towns – GPS coordinates (46.6503520,11.7132610)

Tre Cime di Laverdo

The Tre Cime di Lavaredo are a group of mountains in the Dolomites that are well-known for their three massive peaks. Hike to Tre Cime di Laverdo is a must when in the Dolomites of northern Italy!
As we begun our hike, we were in complete awe when we saw the sheer size of these with our own eyes — it quickly became one of our favs in the Dolomites! The hike is pretty easy & flat loop trail. The whole loop is 10 km & takes 3-4 hours, though you can hike as little as 1.5 hours round trip and still get the main views. You get this view of the 3 peaks about 45 minutes into the hike – coordinates (46.6224133,12.3117149). There are many mountain hut restaurants for food and drinks along the way so do consider one full day here to enjoy each moment with peace.

I hope this spots with some GPS locations will be useful for you as well and will make you most of your trip. Have a wonderful vacation and do come back with suitcase full of memories!!


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