Why you will love summers in Rovinj

Thelittle fisherman town of Rovinj, Croatia has been on our list since our visit to Split last summer. We covered the beautiful islands surrounding Split and one of the most beautiful National Parks- Plitvice Lakes National park. But…

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The ultimate guide to explore Split in 48 hours!

Split’s waterfront, Riva, is the heart of the town, and the pride of every person from Split. The Seafront promenade is lined with cafes, bars, eateries and souvenir shops. I love Split. It is a typical…

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Plitvice Lakes: Verdant scenery and cascading waterfalls

Plitvice is an ensemble of 16 natural lakes. It is an UNESCO heritage site due to its breathtaking views, its fauna and the unique turquoise waters. Plitvička jezera is located in the middle of the country and is about…

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