Honeymoon is probably the most ‘memorable’ yet ‘eons of planning’ trip of ones life. After the endless and exhaustive wedding planning honeymoon is a period which was much needed break for me and my husband. It was even more special for us since it was our FIRST EVER trip together🙂

Maldives as most of us know is one of the all-time dream honeymoon destinations. After all where else can you find such surprisingly diverse resorts basking on secluded individual islands. These resorts are so perfect they almost defy belief. From the brilliant white sands, sparkling aquamarine lagoons and vibrant coral reefs. It’s no wonder this paradise on earth is a top honeymoon destination.

We got a pick up from the airport and were transferred to the Ohluveli Beach and Spa Resort on a speed boat. The resort authorities were very courteous and were very welcoming. The uber modern resort featuring water villas were blessed with private open-air Jacuzzi, perfectly positioned baths to take in the glorious ocean views.

Where to Stay:

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Beauty in the Blue!
Water Villas
Honeymoon dinners be like !
Amazing water Villas with jacuzzi!
such amazing views to admire!
Love it here!
Sunset love ❤️
Poolside fun!
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13 thoughts on “Ohluveli Beach: Unrivalled luxury and stunning white-sand beaches

  1. Looks beautiful! Thank you for visiting my site earlier. As you can see me and my husband were also on holiday last week and we said it was like our second honeymoon together 🙂 Maybe the Maldives can be our third 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx

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