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With all those perfect photos all over Instagram, I know that many new content creators are getting discouraged and frustrated. Looking for the perfect angle, outfit or edit takes a lot of time and effort. Well, I cannot help you with angles or outfits but since we are in a community of creators I can definitely help by sharing all my travel presets for free.

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for 1 year now and I currently edit all my photos with it. During this time, I have put a lot of effort and time in creating my own presets and I have decided to share them with you! YES..FOR FREE!

Take your photos to the next level and get noticed!

What are Lightroom presets and how are they working?

Lightroom presets will make your photos pop with just one click! Choose your favorite preset and your photo will be Instagram ready! Below are a few examples of my photos edited with my travel presets. Swipe to see the before and after.

Warm Travels

Peachy Beach

Color Pop

Happy Blues

Dreamy Sunset

City Vibes

Jungle Magic

Crazy Colors

Why am I sharing all my Lightroom presets for free?

I want to help new creators improve their photos and grow their Instagram account. Also, sharing all my travel presets is my way of saying a BIG THANK YOU to all who have been part of my journey! Thank you for following me and for being there for me. You are incredible and I am lucky to have such a beautiful community around me!

How can I get them?

As I’ve already said, I am sharing all my travel presets for free, no costs. My pack includes 7 presets, ready to use. My presets are desktop compatible with both RAW and JPEG photos but I definitely recommend shooting RAW. I am also sharing my LR MOBILE version which makes it easy for beginners to edit the pictures right away on a free mobile App.

Just follow the next steps and get your preset pack. You are 1 step away to make your instagram feed stand out!

  1. Follow my Instagram account and Facebook account

  2. Subscribe to my blog (you will find the subscription box on the right side of the page if you are on desktop or at the bottom of the page if you are on mobile).

  3. Make sure that you verify your email address (a confirmation email will be sent)
  4. Optional – Spread the word! Tell your friends and family about my free presets! Share an Instagram story about them, tag your friends or share this article on Facebook/ Pinterest.

I know that many creators are interested in Lightroom presets but most of these presets are not for free. Let’s spread the word about my free presets!

That’s it! I will make sure that you have followed all the steps and in a few hours (up to 24h) you will receive my presets on your email! Do not forget to also check the spam folder.

I am so excited to see your photos edited with my presets! Please tag them with #mylenscapefreepresets so I can see your magic!

(Click below to know some of the frequently asked questions about Lightroom presets)

Happy editing!

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